Drivers & Experience

Claiborne Hauling utilizes a very in-depth and sophisticated approach to the hiring of drivers. The result is an average driver of count of 60+ employees which have an average of 7 years industry experience. Claiborne Hauling is known for its quality of employees and would assign “best of class” drivers to TVA projects.

Subcontracting Opportunities

Claiborne Hauling has over 80 Hauler Agreements on File from small local trucking companies within 50 miles; complete with Non-Compete Agreements, Insurance Certificates, W-9’s, # of pieces of equipment and # available that we occasionally use.

Quality Assurance Program

Claiborne Hauling, LLC has a documented and internally published Quality Assurance Program with which all personnel have been trained on and are required to follow. The Quality Assurance Program covers process control, special processes, qualification/certification, records, and review/quality improvement.

Health & Safety Program

Claiborne Hauling, LLC has a documented and internally published Safety & Health Program with which all personnel have been trained on and are required to follow. It is management’s intention to establish a workforce culture and behavior where accidents and injuries are eliminated, there are no violations and all operations are performed in a safe and efficient manner. It is the policy of this company to address issues of safety and health in a direct and expeditious manner. The well being of employees and sub-contractors are of utmost importance and all actions taken will be with their health and safety in mind.

Claiborne Hauling has implemented ISM and ISSM principles to the job site using the five core functions. These five core safety management functions provide the necessary structure for any work activity that could potentially affect the public, the workers, and the environment. The functions are applied as a continuous cycle with the degree of rigor appropriate to address the type of work activity and the hazards involved:

  • Defining Scope of Work – Objectives are translated into work, expectations are set, tasks are identified and prioritized, and resources are allocated.
  • Analyze the Hazard – Hazards associated with the work are identified, analyzed and categorized.
  • Develop & Implement Hazard Response – Applicable standards and requirements are identified and agreed-upon, controls to prevent/mitigate hazards are identified, the safety envelope is established, and controls are implemented
  • Perform Work – Readiness is confirmed and work is performed safely
  • Provide Feedback & Continuous Improvement – Feedback information on the adequacy of controls is gathered , opportunities for improving the definition and planning of work are identified and implemented, line and independent oversight is conducted, and, if necessary, regulatory enforcement actions occur.

Truck Maintenance

Descriptions & Methodologies

Claiborne Hauling maintains all trucks as per manufacturer’s recommendations and all DOT requirements. Claiborne Hauling Contractor’s sister company TLC Truck Repair, located at 6210 Rutledge Pike, Knoxville, TN performs all scheduled maintenance and performs repairs as needed.