Aggregate & Sand Supply

Claiborne Hauling sells & delivers aggregates and sand throughout East Tennessee and beyond. We can provide crushed stone in all size gradations from very fine up to 30” material. Our stone sources are high quality and are TDOT approved. Whether you are looking for one load of crusher run for your driveway or 40,000 tons of specialized backfill material we can handle your needs. CLAIBORNE also has its own high quality natural sand quarry in Monterey, TN which produces mason, concrete, pipe, and golf course sand.

Dump Truck Hauling

Claiborne Hauling operates a fleet of 100+ GPS equipped trucks ranging from single-axle to quint-axle allowing us to meet any customers’ needs. CLAIBORNE’s fleet consists of late model equipment to minimize mechanical down time and maximize efficiency by taking advantage of the latest technologies. With both steel beds with high lift gates and lightweight aluminum beds, we can haul anything you can come up with: stone, sand, dirt, rip rap, construction debris, asphalt, mulch, demolition debris, HazMat, contaminated soils, brush, fly ash, fluff, and everything in between. Claiborne Hauling uses a real-time GPS monitoring/dispatch system which is supported by a four person staff in our Network Operations Center. Management also receives notifications and has monitoring abilities to include vehicle monitoring for speed, excess idling, hard cornering, hard breaking, heavy acceleration, and stop times. The GPS system increases efficiency & safety for the company, driver, job and most importantly the customer.

Heavy Haul

Claiborne Hauling’s sister company, Heavy Haul LLC has a fleet of late model heavy duty road tractors and 30+ specialty trailers available to move all types of loads. Heavy Haul is your source to move all types of construction equipment from mini-excavators to D8’s and beyond, oversized loads, “super loads” up to 150,000 + pounds, flatbed loads, and more! Local moves or cross country our guys can handle it.


We are still kids at heart and like to play in the dirt. Claiborne Hauling operates multiple borrow pits throughout East Tennessee to supply our customers with topsoil and fill dirt they need. By the load or large jobs of 100,000+ yards, Claiborne Hauling is your one stop source. Our multiple screeners give us the ability to provide high quality screened topsoil and fill dirt upon request. Whether you need compactable fill, topsoil, clay, shale, or gravel we have the sources and ability to Make It Happen.

Grading /Excavating /Load-Out Services

With a fleet of 30+ pieces of yellow iron to support the cause and a highly skilled and qualified staff of operators we routinely perform all types of jobs ranging from house seats and footers to commercial pads, clearing/grubbing, site preparation, mass excavation, and import jobs. Claiborne Hauling is a licensed General Contractor in the State of TN with the classifications of BC-5,13,28,29,31; HRA; MU-A(2,3,4),C,D.


Claiborne also has the experience, equipment, and relationships needed to perform demolition jobs. Small buildings, houses, warehouses or commercial buildings no job is too big or small. Call 865.540.4409 for more information

We Travel Out Of Town Too

We operate several out of town jobs each year. By providing extra/dedicated trucks to your specific job you don’t have to worry if your subcontracted trucks will be your job or someone else’s from day to day. With GPS monitoring you can be assured our trucks will maximize production. We have the knowledge, experience, manpower and late model trucks to get your job done!

From emergency salt deliveries to snow removal, 24 x 7 emergency response activities such as train derailments to large highway paving projects, airport runway projects to large earth moving jobs…. We can design a plan of action to fit most any need whether it’s in our home town or yours!

Claiborne’s experience working out of town has included: 24 x 7 emergency response snow removal during the blizzard of 2010 in MD, 24 x 7 runway repaving project of Tri-Cities Airport in Bristol TN, aggregate / asphalt / milling hauls for out of state paving contractors, emergency road salt hauling to various agencies in OH – IL – KY – TN – SC, just to name a few. Our proven methodology to identify strategic partners needed in a new market to ensure are trucks and employees are able to provide the BEST customer service possible.

Office Trailers

Office Trailers in all sizes and styles, Coded and Non-Coded, are available for sale or lease.

Storage Containers

Ground Level Storage Containers  20ft and 40ft are available for sale or lease.  Containers can be delivered onto the ground by our trucks.