Employment Application

Claiborne Hauling operates three divisions. They are our Dump Truck Division,
Grading Division and Heavy Haul Division.

The steps in the hiring process are:

1. Fill out a pre-interview questionnaire for the division you feel you are qualified to work for and present your current license, social security card and medical card.

2. You will be given an initial interview.

3. You will be given a driving test if you are applying for a driver position.

4. If we have an opening that we feel you can fill, you will be asked to fill out an employment application and you will be interviewed.

You also should know that our process includes:

5. Former employers will be contacted and they will be asked to provide information to Claiborne Hauling on your previous employment with them.

6. Your Motor Vehicle Record will be run.

7. A criminal background check will be run.

8. You will be sent for a pre-employment drug test.

Thank you for your interest and good luck!

This is not a job application!
You will be notified if we would like you to fill out an application!